Designing Authentic Success


Originally from Montreal, fashion designer Angela Mark began channeling her ambition and love for design into creating beautiful clothing at an early age. 


Determined to have her own business, she went on to study fashion design at Ryerson University in Toronto.  She opened her first shop and launched her design label at the age of 22 with the help of her aunt, Edda Mark.   She recognized the businesswoman in her and encouraged her to pursue her passion.


In 1986, due to the limited options for quality career clothing that fit women well, Angela defined and filled a niche market for beautiful clothing for busy professional women.   Designed to fit, enhance and enhance confidence, these classic yet current designs became the clothes which are distinctive of her brand. 

Designing Authentic Success


Some say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". 

We say "Beauty is the reflection of your unique essence". There is no one else like you.   Compromise is not an option. Discover your authentic self...
Define your own authentic success...

Let us show you how.


Our Approach

We design & create your personal style to reflect who you are from the inside out... 

Looking beautiful is a reflection of feeling beautiful.
Elevate your self esteem, confidence and authentic success and discover that you, too, are creative!
We are passionate about helping you to realize how beautiful you are. 

Designing Authentic success

Our definition of authentic success inspires how we live and the choices we make every day.  From designing, to sourcing, to production, our choices reflect our values. 

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