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Women's Made to Measure clothing

"innovative design"


As a female entrepreneur I have built my personal and professional success on by being memorable.  For me that means walking in a room and NOT fading into the background.  If I want to meet powerful people to build my business and advance my career, then I need to be noticed!  Angela’s designs have been so successful for me that they have truly helped build my personal brand.  People often say to me, “that really looks like you”.

As an owner of an engineering design firm it is important for innovative design to permeate my entire life.  Nothing exemplifies this more than what I  wear.  Whether I am in the office, out visiting a factory, meeting executives in major cities, or travelling the world with dignitaries, it is important for me that  my personal style exudes a strong sense of design.  In the corporate world there are endless rooms of dark suits.  Working with Angela Mark as my personal fashion designer, she has created my wardrobe of women's made to measure clothing to help ensure that I fit in with a high degree of professionalism, but stand out just enough to be unique.

Angela’s layered approach to building women's suits in my wardrobe ensures that I have endless combinations of beautiful, versatile garments to pull off any occasion. I trust Angela Mark to continue building my personal brand and keep my personal fashion sense moving forward.”

Rhonda Barnet, B. Sc.

VP Finance  – Steelworks Design Inc.

Career Wear


 “Angela has the unique ability to quickly sum up my personal style and make fashion suggestions that push me a little outside of my box while providing clothes that I feel absolutely comfortable in. The unique details and perfect fit result in many complements. I feel confident and relaxed when wearing any of Angela’s pieces.”

Leslie Yeates,  P. Eng   Vice President
Collins Barrow Durham Consultants Inc.




“Dear Angela,

We just wanted to send along this note and picture to thank you for all the work you put into creating my wedding dress.
It was an absolute hit – likely the thing that people will remember most
about the wedding.  I carried with me pictures of the dress on my grandmother’s wedding day  and everyone was intrigued and impressed by the story… Thank you for creating such a beautiful dress for such a memorable day!”

Kalen & Paul



"Angela is an angel of design and her personalized touch leaves one feeling elegant and glamorous!  Angela spent hours creating a gown for my wedding which truly exemplifies the very essence of my spirit.  On my wedding day,  I felt so incredibly beautiful.  Angela is an artist who created a masterpiece which I will treasure for a lifetime!”

Lori Benninger Principal